Digital Transformation Software Service

Sonepar India has introduced the DTSS vertical, dedicated to facilitating companies on their transformation endeavors. This initiative positions Sonepar as a comprehensive destination, catering to a wide spectrum of end-to-end requirements encompassing both hardware and software solutions. By harnessing the software applications provided by esteemed partners such as Rockwell Automation, PTC, and Passionate Solver Technologies, Sonepar has substantially fortified its capabilities and proficiency in effectively addressing the challenges encountered by manufacturing enterprises in their daily operational and plant-related activities.

Rockwell Automation’s Software applications

FactoryTalk® Analytics™ DataView

SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH – Combine industrial data from different sources with simplified connection workflow
TROUBLESHOOT and resolve disruptions quickly – Quickly create interactive storyboards for collaboration
AD-HOC ANALYSIS – Perform ad-hoc analysis with drilldown to slice and dice data for gaining fresh insights.

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Compressive consolidate data of plant.
  • Faster and informative decision making
  • Increased plant efficiency
  • Simplified ROI

FT EDGE gateway

Break down Silos systems and drive IT/OT convergence by simplifying and automating process and collecting and organizing industrial data across plant. Providing “Common Information Model”

  • Fast Access to the right data.
  • Create Intelligent & Connected Enterprise Information database

70% reduction in Data preparation efforts.

Fiix by Rockwell Automation

Replace old school maintenance system with Fiix. Get notified instantly about new work and keep track with automated reports.

  • 3000+ maintenance team around the world.
  • Boost productivity by 44%
  • 20% reduction in meantime-to-repair.
  • 73% more efficient equipment inspection.
  • 27% reduction in unplanned downtime.
  • Mobile app for easy access.
  • Custom and More than 100+ pre built reports.

PTC’s Thingworks – Kepware


Eradicate connectivity issues stemming from unreliable or inaccessible communication channels, diverse proprietary protocols adhering to multiple standards, and the persistent requirement to install, acquire proficiency in, and sustain solutions, consequently reducing downtimes.

Efficiently enhance your connectivity by integrating on-site applications (MES/SCADA) and cloud-based applications, thereby empowering your IoT initiatives and deployments.

  • Reduces bandwidth and device loads
  • Makes the data available and accessible for right set of people.
  • Highly secured
  • Seamless Connectivity

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